Synergy: Should I (a) Update then Sync, or (b) Sync then Update?

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Mike Cook asked on September 29, 2011 - 3:37pm | Replies (2).

We are using Telelogic Synergy Release 6.5.4096.

Some users have had repeated problems of Updating a Synergy project, but not getting the latest versions of files, even when no apparent file version conflict exists. For example, a folder with changes in it does not get revised to the next folder version with the new files in it.

The Update hasn't failed (no failed message in the "Messages" window), but the user's copy of the project is still not up-to-date with regard to that folder and its files.

Normally, our method has been to use "Sync Work Area", handle that set of files, then do the "Update" on the project.

It has been suggested that we should do the "Update" first, then the Sync. But, I think, the order doesn't matter because Synergy will not update files that have been changed by the user, for whatever reason.

Any idea of what's going on with the updates?

Is there something simple we should be doing to avoid projects not having current file versions when an update seems to work?

Thanks, Mike

2 Answers

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Hi Mike,

If the user has made changes to a file in a work area, and that file is associated with a Synergy object in a static state, that is a work area conflict. Update members will not be able to replace the version of object used in the project and should report a work area conflict. If users work like that, or use the "modifiable files" work area option, then it is always better to perform a sync/reconcile first resolve any such work area conflicts, and then perform the update members. If they try doing the update members first, that operation may not be able to update some fies because of work area conflicts.


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Mike Cook replied on October 12, 2011 - 1:06pm.

Thanks, David, for you explanation.

I thought that was how Update and Sync behaved and should be done.

Some of our users still report files not being updated properly even if the files had not been locally changed, etc.

It may be our network setup. Some PCs are in a separate network, and I think sometime communications to/from the Synergy Server is incomplete.

Anyway, thanks for your time and confirmation that our normal process should work.


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