In Synergy 7.1, what is the possible reason for the command "ccm stop" to hang for hours?

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markbedico asked on June 17, 2011 - 5:26am | Replies (1).

The cli connection(java client) was established in a client machine (Solaris box), but when we invoked the ccm stop command it became unresponsive for hours until we have no choice but to execute ccmdb shutdown.

thanks in advance!

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Hi Mark,

If this was for the classic CLI rather than the Synergy CLI, then probably the only clues will be in that session's ccm_ui.log and ccm_eng.log. If neither file contains any obvious error messages at the end of the log, it's unlikely that anyone could determine the reason for the hang.

With the classic CLI, the ccm stop command is executed on the ACcent UI process, so a hang might mean that the UI process was hung before the command was received, or hang during its execution. In turn, the UI process might be waiting for the ENGINE process, and in turn that might be waiting for the database server.

Did you try just killing the UI+ENG process for that session? If you were using the classic CLI, there is a good chance that would have resolved it. If you were using the Synergy CLI, you might have tried just stopping and restarting the Synergy server.

If you have a reproducible set of steps, then I suggest you contact Rational Technical Support. They will probably ask you to trace the execution of the steps leading to the hang.


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