In Synergy, need help with DCM exclude indirect members

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Naja asked on May 12, 2011 - 4:24am | Replies (2).

I need help for a perl script I'm writing....

We used perl script for dcm deliveries with success.

This is my issue : I need to deliver a released project (library to be used by development teams). But, within this project not all objects are to be delivered : so I'v already suggest that they be with a version matching 'proto*'.

This what I tried :
1- Deliver the project via DCM : but I can't unuse/delete those objects and command dcm -remove -ts didn't work :angry:

2- Find the objects of the project with a query excluding those with version matching 'proto*', deliver them with DCM... and then I should have to create a project but I didn't find an easy way to add all directories and files with the same hierarchy :blink:

I would rather use solution 1, if there is a way to exclude indirect members...

After that I have to find how to update the delivered project : for exemple my database has received library-1.0. Then library-1.1 is released and the development received it...

Is there a dcm commands to do that ? (It must not be automatic !!)

2 Answers

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A better way of doing this is to create a delivery project that is part of your project hierarchy that packages up the deliverables in an appropriate directory structure. This gives you an accurate record of what was shipped. You can then add that delivery project to a DCM transfer set and it will include the project members that make up all the deliberables.


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Naja replied on May 26, 2011 - 5:00am.

Thanks David, it was so simple I didn't think about it :blush:

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