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STARCANADA The Test Expert's Role in DevOps[presentation]

DevOps is a culture shift that emphasizes collaboration between software developers and other IT professionals while automating software delivery and infrastructure changes. It aims to establish an environment where building, testing, and releasing software can happen more rapidly...

Mike Sowers
STARCANADA A Tester’s Role in Requirements Exploration[presentation]

Having a shared understanding of desired and undesired behaviors for each new product feature is key to delivering value to the business frequently and predictably. However, many teams lack this understanding even as they start coding. As testers, we can explore feature specifications early..

Janet Gregory
STARCANADA What’s Our Job When the Machines Do Testing?[presentation]

After its highly hyped introduction decades ago and followed by a long, quiet “winter,” artificial intelligence (AI) has slowly crept back into our consciousness. While our Siri and Alexa assistants entertain us, machine learning (ML) has brought new conveniences into our lives...

Geoff Meyer
STARCANADA 7 Sure-fire Ways to Ruin Your Test Automation[presentation]

Test automation projects fail, but why? Could you stop it from happening? In this tongue-in-cheek talk, Seretta Gamba will share seven proven methods to disrupt or utterly ruin a test automation project, including letting a lone champion keep important knowledge to themselves, ignoring good..

Seretta Gamba
STARWEST 2018 AI for Testing Tomorrow (Panel: Part II)[presentation]

What does AI mean for the future of testing? What aspects of testing will the machines replace? What things will AI soon be better than humans at and what things will humans always do better than AI?

Tariq King
STARWEST 2018 AI for Testing Today (Panel: Part I)[presentation]

How can we apply AI to the testing problems of today? What works and what doesn't work? Are there any critical lessons that have been learned?

Tariq King
Mike Faulise Giving Control Back to Software Developers: An Interview with Mike Faulise[interview]

In this interview, Michael Faulise, the founder and managing partner at tap|QA, explains how the move toward DevOps and away from release management is giving control back to developers, then details why major companies often need partners to leverage CI, CD, and other modern techniques.

Jennifer Bonine's picture Jennifer Bonine
STARWEST 2018 Evolution—Not Revolution: Transforming Your Testing[presentation]

You may have heard the saying “The only constant on any project is change.” Yet the prospect of change is rarely welcomed—either personally or professionally.

Julie Gardiner
STARWEST 2018 The Art of Software Investigation[presentation]

Although processes and tools play an important role in software testing, the most important testing tool is the mind. Like scientists, testers search for new knowledge and share discoveries—hopefully for the betterment of people’s lives.

Ben Simo
STARWEST 2018 Building a Skilled Testing Practice In an Innovative Digital Agency[presentation]

Everybody wants to have their projects tested so that they can deliver top-notch products to their clients.

Nimesh Patel
STARWEST 2018 Being More Agile Without Doing Agile [presentation]

The most common requests Dawn Haynes gets as a consultant these days is to help testers transition to an agile development process, or to help testers be more effective in “agile-ish” environments.

Dawn Haynes
Fighting Test Flakiness: A Disease that Artificial Intelligence Will Cure[presentation]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making it possible for computers to diagnose some medical diseases more accurately than doctors.

Tariq King
STARWEST 2018 Managing BDD Automation Test Cases inside Test Management Systems[presentation]

Behavior-driven development (BDD) has been around for a while and is here to stay. However, the added abstraction levels pose a technical problem for writing and managing tests.

Max Saperstone
STARWEST 2018 Agile Performance Testing in the Real World[presentation]

Performance issues substantially impact quality, cost, and customer confidence. Agile teams are challenged to build in performance processes throughout the lifecycle, but it is critical to incorporate performance into your CI/CD pipeline.

Amit Patel
STARWEST 2018 Risk Based Testing: Communicating WHY You Can't Test Everything[presentation]

The idea of testing everything is a popular one—in fact many stakeholders think that’s exactly what their quality teams do. It usually isn’t and can’t be; but how can teams communicate this?

Jenny Bramble


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