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Agile DevOps East Make Agile Work for Any Team[presentation]

Are parts of your organization embracing agile while others become more resistant, disconnected, or frustrated by the idea?

Laura Burke
Agile DevOps East Agile Distributed Teams: Oxymoron or Viable Option?[presentation]

Many surveys indicate that more teams work in distributed environments. But agile approaches work best when people collocate, huddle around a problem, and closely collaborate on the best solutions that will deliver value.

Mark Kilby
Agile DevOps East User Stories Are like Onions: Let's Peel Away the Layers[presentation]

In the world of agile product development, user stories are like onions ... and no, that doesn’t mean they stink or they make you cry (although they have been known to do both).

Katrina Thacker
Agile DevOps East Service Virtualization: How to Test More by Testing Less[presentation]

Agile teams tend to struggle in getting development and testing in sync. Many teams run minified waterfalls, where testers get working code a few days before the end of the sprint—and tools usually can't help.

Paul Merrill
Agile DevOps East How Agile Killed Managers[presentation]

Agile adoption has changed the corporate landscape in many different ways. And while the change has been mostly positive for the teams, some can see agile and Scrum ideas as a revolt against traditional management practices.

Katy Sherman
Agile DevOps East How Design Thinking and Agile Can Be Friends[presentation]

Agile methodologies do not traditionally allot space, time, or processes for user experience design.

Mary Thorn
Agile DevOps East Commonalities of Agile and DevOps Transformations for Large Organizations[presentation]

As the adoption of agile and DevOps have been steadily growing over the years, many organizations have been taking a proactive approach to prepare for the changes needed for success.

Suzette Johnson
Agile DevOps East Create the Self-Directed Team of Your Dreams[presentation]

You've read dozens of books on agile and hundreds of articles, but no one actually told you how to build the team of your dreams.

Josh Anderson
Agile DevOps East I Got a Fever, and the Only Prescription Is More Feedback[presentation]

The Second City, an improvisational comedy club that launched the careers of comedians such as Chris Farley, Tina Fey, and Steve Carell, has delivered a successful product to audiences nightly for almost sixty years. How do they do it?

John Krewson
Agile DevOps East The Introvert's Survival Guide to Agile[presentation]

Open work areas, a focus on collaboration and conversations, and group events that seem to require verbal fluency ... It may feel like the agile ecosystem is designed with extroverts in mind.

Julee Bellomo Everett
Agile DevOps East Scaling Agile in a Large Matrixed Organization[presentation]

Two engineering teams with vastly different work styles—one waterfall and one Scrum—merged into one matrixed organization to work on a critical strategic effort.

Jennifer Krieger
Agile DevOps East Holistic Agile: Treat the Whole Company, Not Just IT[presentation]

As agile methods find more global applicability, we are finding groups outside of IT that have nothing to do with technology or software development demonstrating success with agile methods.

Robert Woods
Agile DevOps East Self-Selection Gamified: Leave Your Fears Behind[presentation]

Self-selection is a facilitated process that allows people to exercise autonomy by choosing their preferred initiatives and joining new teams.

Dana Pylayeva
Agile DevOps East Continuous Load Testing for DevOps[presentation]

Ensuring that each new release delivers a positive user experience is now more critical than ever.

Kevin Dunne
Agile DevOps East Lessons Learned Implementing DevOps: A Discussion[presentation]

DevOps is fundamentally about collaboration, communication, and effective teamwork across the entire software supply chain. But in practice, DevOps is much more than that.

Lee Eason


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