Internet of Things: Changing the Way We Test

Jane Fraser

The internet of things (IoT) brings connectivity to a range of previously non-internet-enabled physical devices and real-world objects. This shift has an impact testing—changing what we test, when we test, and the way we test. For one thing, once you’re in the real world, the number of possible issues explodes due to environmental conditions. Just like a race car must adjust its tires for different track conditions, IoT devices must account for environmental factors such as temperature and humidity to prevent unanticipated failures. Jane Fraser believes that for the IoT to be successful, we must focus on developing testing methods, analytics tools, and SDKs that help teams to automate activities such as checking connection strength and robustness, verifying mobile compatibility, and testing various hardware capabilities. This includes Wi-Fi, BTLE, radio, natural language processing technologies, and more. Join Jane to learn about tools that can be used to test different IoT-based scenarios, dump and update robot configurations while they are operating, and validate object state and behavior as part of testing real-world scenarios. You'll learn approaches for emulating exactly what you need in order to be at the forefront of understanding how to test these new devices.

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