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into Synergy CM, is_product allows managing compilation products for example. but when you create elements (particularly when there are a lot of object files), you must tag each file individually.


is there a way to force this attribute at object creation ?


Moreocer, is there some litterature on is_product management (I found nothing or nerly nothing on IBM web site)



I want to restrict some files with specific extension (e.g. *.doc etc) to checked in to synergy by developers. How can I do that ?

Im not able to import the users into Change synergy after installation.

Secondly, I cannot select the priveleges to the users as the cehck boxes are not displayed

I'm trying to figure out a way to download attachments from Problem Reports in Change Synergy. But I'm stuck with ccm export command it seems that either I don't have the permission to use it or it is absent in Web Mode CLI, is there other way to download it.

I can get the info about the PRs via :

ccm query "is_attachment_of(cr('PR_displayname'))"

but that's the extent of what I could get.

Any help would be appreciated.



Synergy - having problems in updating synergy objects but not getting latest version files particularly makefile and .sh files. User did workaround by check out file first and copy,paste correct one and check in the file this method works well for makefile not on sh files. Any suggesstion 



We are using CM Synergy 7.1 Unix/Windows version and i want to automate the deployment process which right now we do mannualy. Here is my requirement.

1. Get all the objects for the all the tasks which is made as tested state.
2. Generate the tar file file for objects of tested task.
3. Untar the tar file
4. Execute the scripts.

Could you please help me out on my views:
Shall I put all the task in a particular folder of CM Synergy? Then, how to create tar file of these objects of folder in Unix env?

I recently installed the Synergy CM and Interim Fix included several bugfix. However, after installation when I try to launch my classic client, I recieves warning messages on missing cache. Something like this:-

"Warning: Missing cache file for object '':<ccm_path>"

Can you tell me what might have gone wrong ? Is it the patch installation ?

Question asked to me by Build engineer to resolve below problem:

Checking-in objects (around 1000 or may be more) has become painful now. It takes at least 3-4 hours; ideally, it shouldn’t take more than one hour as compared to other synergy location.
The problem is version handlings in our database which creates long versions and to manage versions for so many objects I have to take back-ups, remove folders from directory and create completely new object versions which are really time consuming processes.

Risks in this process:
1. Even after doing so much manual process I cannot make sure whether I have checked-in all the required files.
2. Losing folders/directory history every time this is done.
3. If build failure happens after Rte task, is a tedious job to identify root cause
4. It may create parallels
5. Delay in release consequently final release

We need to grab CM Synergy administrator’s attention to resolve this issue ASAP otherwise I am not sure how Rte work will be evaluated. Rte already has enough processes to follow, adding such undesirable step is really discouraging

Hello CMCrossRoads,
I am sharing a case on cm synergy, and would like to understand its impact on the configuration.

Master Database ID:mas
Slave Database ID:slv

An object (version-v6.1.1) is branched out from version v6 in master database. The task is mas#111. The object is transferred to slave database via ftp / shared folder (NOT DCM !). This object is again checked-in in slave database. The task is slv#761, and the object version is slv#6.1.1
This is done due to the failure of DCM internal scripts. I want to understand, once the DCM scripts are active again, will it impact anywhere in configuration conflicts in slave database ? Because, the task mas#111 will be transferred by DCM script, and the associated object version is checked-in in slave database.

Best Regards,
Deepak Bawankar

By Naja - September 12, 20122 Answers

We use Synergy 7.1 on Windows PC.

Do you know if there is a tool to merge word documents (parallel versions) within Synergy ? (msword supertype is binary)

Thank you for your help !


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