How do I automate the deployment process for CM Synergy objects

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Bullet@5788 asked on October 6, 2012 - 3:27pm | Replies (1).

We are using CM Synergy 7.1 Unix/Windows version and i want to automate the deployment process which right now we do mannualy. Here is my requirement.

1. Get all the objects for the all the tasks which is made as tested state.
2. Generate the tar file file for objects of tested task.
3. Untar the tar file
4. Execute the scripts.

Could you please help me out on my views:
Shall I put all the task in a particular folder of CM Synergy? Then, how to create tar file of these objects of folder in Unix env?

1 Answer

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I always find it best to automate the entire application build, package and deployment. What technologies are you using? What scripting languages are used in your organization?


Bob Aiello
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