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New synergy 7.1 db created for testing, we created custom Process and Process rules based on Synergy's default Process/Process rules (valid and working in other production databases). Now, if I want to create a new project, then I am not able to select any purpose (It shows blank), the message displayed is "No valid purposes for this release", but when I find Process/Process rules, everything is displayed correctly. Even in the Releases, the purposes are correctly set and visible. The problem occurs when I try to create the project.

Please suggest what might be the problem !

One of our production synergy server utilizing max memory upto 96% all the time.

Any suggestion/recommendations to bring it down will be greatful. Here is the report

229 ccm_root 6001M 2161M 2.7% 89:28:13 53%
78 informix 206G 75G 96% 2687:15:3 40%
108 root 1182M 575M 0.7% 43:00:57 0.2%
6 tzm1zd 7984K 6496K 0.0% 0:00:00 0.0%
6 szn4mm 7984K 6496K 0.0% 0:00:00 0.0%

I have an integration prep project setup with 4 sub-projects. One of the projects is now being displayed as the red exclamation mark.

I can see and update the sub project seperately, but it doesnt seem to be included in the overall project heirarchy, even though the BM project Grouping shows it as still being part of the same group it was before.

Any ideas on how I can get everything back to how it should be?

I have a machine behind a firewall I wish to connect to our Synergy server (6.4).

Which ports do I need to have punched open to allow this ?

I so far have :-

flexlm standard port
5412 - router
8830 - esd
objreg - ?? this has a different value on 2 different servers when checking with ccm monitor

Is there also any way of changing these port values or are they hardcoded?


I'm using IBM Rational Synergy in WAN mode.

I was trying to make a script that would do a Change Request/Problem Report digest for who is responsible for analysis, who the resolver is, etc.

The problem is that these fields contain not-meaningful-userids, so they are not so meaningful.

Is there a way to get a real name of the user via ccm query without admin access?

I can see in the Change that the names are displayed "like not-meaningful-userid, Firstname Lastname" but the analysis_responsible show only not-meaningful-userid.

So my question is there a way to do it via ccm?

Thanks in advance :)

I noticed that <dbpath>/db does get a new timestamp, but since we run backups everyday, the timestamp of <dbpath>/db does not help in this case.

Is there any other means of querying for this info?

Actually, the usage is to determine if a database should still be kept live or should be archived and dropped.


I'm looking for a way to have separated but INDEPENDANT build_mgr on a same database to limit interaction between us. Each build_mgr will have a group of project to manage.

I want to avoid that the build manager of a project interact on a project which is not in its group....

any idea ?

We have a few shared projects used as buckets for adhoc pieces of code, and it looks like one of them was checked in yesterday; they normally sit at 'shared' status, but one has now changed to 'prep' status and build managers are now unable to add new objects (permission denied to workarea folder).

Is there an easy way for me to move this project back from 'prep' to 'shared' that anyone knows?

Thanks in advance,


I have a tool that checks out files and I want to check if there are any parallel versions before doing the actual check out in a workarea (e.g. d:\ccm_wa\test-1\test\dummy.txt) .

The idea I had was to run a query and check for is_hist_leaf().

But before that I need to get a unique "objectname" from the filename to feed to ccm query. I can get attributes from "ccm attr -s filename", but how can I get the unique objectname attribute from a filename?

Best regards

We're using Synergy 7.1 and Change.

Some tasks were completed and should be associated to a change request. I tried with ccm_admin role :

ccm task -a / -relate task -problem problem

but since the problem is in "concluded" state it failed.

Is there another way ?


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