What is the impact of sharing a case on CM Synergy?

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Hello CMCrossRoads,
I am sharing a case on cm synergy, and would like to understand its impact on the configuration.

Master Database ID:mas
Slave Database ID:slv

An object (version-v6.1.1) is branched out from version v6 in master database. The task is mas#111. The object is transferred to slave database via ftp / shared folder (NOT DCM !). This object is again checked-in in slave database. The task is slv#761, and the object version is slv#6.1.1
This is done due to the failure of DCM internal scripts. I want to understand, once the DCM scripts are active again, will it impact anywhere in configuration conflicts in slave database ? Because, the task mas#111 will be transferred by DCM script, and the associated object version is checked-in in slave database.

Best Regards,
Deepak Bawankar

1 Answer

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Hi Deepak,

Once DCM is running and transfers the file version 6.1.1 to your "slv" database, in that slv database, you will end up with both versions as parallels - effectively the union between the picture of "mas" and "slv" in your attachment. If taskjs mas#111 and slv#761 are for the same release, this will show as an expicit conflict if you run Detect Membership Conflicts... for which you can resolve by performing a merge.

Best regards,

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