How to manually change an object version status from "Rejected" to "Released" in CM/Synergy

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Pashan None asked on August 25, 2016 - 2:00pm | Replies (3).

Hello Support,

Can you please tell me if there is a CLI way to manually change the attribute "status" from rejected to released state for an object within CM/SYnergy?

I tried to delete "status" attribute. It doesn't even allow me to delete.

I am ccm_admin role.

If I do "ccm attr -s status object_full_name" it does show me a rejected. I need to change it to "released".

I know base model doesn't allow.

But i need to override for some objects with ccm_admin privilege.

Thank you.



3 Answers

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By default, the security model does not allow a transition from the rejected state to any other state. You can change this. Before doing so, make sure you have a valid backup of your Synergy databases.
ccm set role ccm_admin

ccm query -t model -n base

ccm attr -m security_root @1

Follow the same syntax as other state transitions, and add a state transition from rejected to released. Be careful with your edit because you could make the database unusable - hence check you have a usable backup first. You may have to stop and restart the Synergy server for the change to be effective since some model data such as the security root is cached at start up.
Best regards,

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Hello David,


Thank you for your answer.

I will try that.

Can you please tell me how do I determine all the base model attribute related document?

Thank you.


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I agree security model does not allow a transition by default.  I have just completed my content transfer app using object version .Try you should the above mentioned method. 

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