Why are we receiving check in/out error with CA SCM R12 (formerly Harvest)?

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We currently have Software Change Manager R12 (formerly Harvest). My users have experienced this error:

E03020054: The package named WB-DLAP00291371 is being used by Checkin. Client: /pt_HClient://COL1SCV55/7564 Server: /pt_HServer://s1x031/19689.

After researching is there a way to kill the Checkin process in the newest version? Application is runned on UNIX database?

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SCM 12 system administrator has to use 'hpkgunlk' command. The syntax is:


package_name {-b SCM_Broker_Name -en Project_Name} {-usr Admin_Username -pw password}

Optional paramenters: [-v] [-prompt] [-i inputfile.txt | -di inputfile.txt] [-eh filename] [-o filename or -oa filename] [-wts] [-h]

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use the hpkgunlck command line utility to unlock the package.....

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