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How feasible it is to update the albd service account,license host,registry host and regsions details through the IBM installation manager response file after the successful installation of the ClearCase through the silent install or gui install.

Can it be scripted ? Please let me know on the same.  Thanks in advance.

Ashok Kumar

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Bob Aiello replied on February 28, 2013 - 7:23am.



the ALBD daemon is one of the key processes that manages the work within ClearCase.
I have had to do some interesting tweeks to the albd server - mostly due to pressure from Corporate security. That said, messing with the ALBD can break ClearCase.

Here is a reference from IBM


Bob Aiello
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Hi Bob,

Thanks to you for replying on post.

I'm all set with this.

I'd written a perl script to update the registry host information ,license host and other region information and all using some windows utility etc.  Script is tested. Its working good at my work environment.



Ashok Kumar Srinivasan



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