How to configure in Clearquest to list bugs specific to user

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During file checkout from Clearcase i want the CQ to list the CQ ID specific to the  user .

For this i am tring to modify config.plbut it is listing all the bugs but not the one specific to the suer .

i used the below configuration .

$s = &DefineCQSchema(NAME=>"MainSchema",

                         ENTITY_LIST => "EnhancementRequest",

                         RESTRICTIONS => "STANDARD");


      $s->ChangeFieldMap(OWNER => "Owner",STATE => "State",

                       ID => "id",  #Note: ID shouldn't need to change

                       HEADLINE => "Headline",

                       PRIORITY => "Priority", 

     #########         SEVERITY => "Severity",

                       RATL_MASTERSHIP => "ratl_mastership",


                       # Other mappable names

                       QUERY_STATES => "Submitted,Assigned,Opened",

                       MODIFY => "modify"




                 "<STATE> in <QUERY_STATES>",

                 "<OWNER> eq <*USER*>");



                     "%s %-9.9s %1.1s %1.1s %-45.45s");

 Please let me know where i am going wrong

1 Answer

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Hi Meenakshi,

I have not played with CC CQ integration in a while. But I do recall that you have to be careful to use the approved method for customizing the or else your integration may break in future releases.

I will tweet this out and see if we can get a few more people to comment.

Bob Aiello, Technical Editor

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