STAREAST 2012 Keynote: Bridging the Gap: Leading Change in a Community of Testers

Keith Klain, Barclays Capital Global Test Center

When Keith Klain took over Barclays Capital Global Test Center, he found an organization focused entirely on managing projects, managing processes, and managing stakeholders—the last most unsuccessfully. Although the team was extremely proficient in test management, their misaligned priorities had the effect of continually hitting the bullseye on the wrong target. Keith immediately implemented changes to put a system in place to foster testing talent and drive out fear—abandoning worthless metrics and maturity programs, overhauling the training regime, and investing in a culture that rewards teamwork and innovation. The challenges of these monumental changes required a new kind of leadership—something quite different from traditional management. Find out how Keith is leading the Barclays Capital Global Test Center and hear his practical experiences defining objectives and relating them to people’s personal goals. Learn about the Barclays Capital Global Test Center’s “Management Guiding Principles” and how you can adapt these principles to lead you and your team to a new and better place. 


About the Presenter

Keith Klain is the head of Barclays Capital Global Test Center, which provides functional and non-functional software testing services to the investment banking and wealth management businesses. With more than fifteen years of experience in software testing, Keith has built and managed global test teams for financial services firms in the US, UK, and Asia Pacific, and worked as a software quality management practice director for an international technology consultancy.

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