STAREAST 2012 - Software Testing Conference


7 Things You Don't Know About Visual Studio

Help simplify the entire development process, from design to deployment. Bring a vision to life using powerful prototyping, modeling, and design tools. Work more efficiently with integrated testing and debugging tools that enable delivery of high-quality solutions.

Agile Testing Practices

On agile teams, testing is an ongoing activity-not a phase or a role. Even today many agile development teams struggle with this concept. Janet Gregory explains how testing activities are included throughout the agile process and the highest value activities a tester can add to the team. Sharing her extensive work experience, Janet describes the importance of collaboration and simplicity in activities such as automation, acceptance test-driven development, and exploratory testing.

Janet Gregory, DragonFire, Inc.

Agile Testing: What Would Deming Do?

Through his quality practices, Edwards Deming transformed Japanese industry in the 1950s and later American industry, proving that building quality intrinsically into a product dramatically lowers costs. Although agile development brings the software industry into closer alignment with Deming, we often continue to rely on end-of-process inspection and rework to ensure quality. A fresh look at Deming’s principles will help testers make a powerful impact on the success of the software projects and the organization.

Mark Strange, Wood Cliff Consulting
Artful Testing: Learning from the Arts

At first glance, art and testing may seem like an odd couple. However, Glenford Myers combined both in his book, The Art of Software Testing-though his "art" referred only to skill and mastery. More recently, Robert Austin and Lee Devin published Artful Making which relates software development to the creation of a piece of artwork. These authors inspired Zeger Van Hese to consider the idea of artful testing. Zeger investigates what happens when we combine and infuse testing with aesthetics.

Zeger Hese, CTG
Automated Acceptance Testing of iOS and Android Applications

In the fragmentation game, mobile devices have now claimed first place over the browsers. Android is scoring most of the fragmentation points for the team, but iOS isn't just standing idly by. While automated testing is a natural part of most modern software projects, it is currently not implemented on many mobile projects. Jonas Maturana Larsen and his company, LessPainful, are working to change this.

Jonas Larsen, LessPainful
Automated Software Testing for Embedded Systems

Test automation for an embedded system presents a unique set of challenges. For starters, it requires a specialized set of automation tools that may be expensive or hard to come by. In addition, because embedded systems involve an amalgamation of hardware and software, you'll need a specialized tester-to-controller interface to drive the tests. Join David Palm to learn about the "gotchas" posed by test automation on embedded systems. He'll discuss race conditions and how can you craft your automation to detect them.

David Palm, Trane
Best Practices for Implementing Crowdsourced Testing

Global markets, quick time to market, and a feature-rich design are major drivers in determining many products’ success. Product companies and businesses with customer-facing systems are constantly on the lookout for innovative development and testing techniques to control these driving forces. One such software testing technique gaining popularity is crowdsourced testing. With its scale, flexibility, cost effectiveness, and fast turnaround, crowdsourcing brings new solutions to many testing problems.

Rajini Padmanaban, QA InfoTech

Bridging the Gap: Leading Change in a Community of Testers

When Keith Klain took over Barclays Capital Global Test Center, he found an organization focused entirely on managing projects, managing processes, and managing stakeholders-the last most unsuccessfully. Although the team was extremely proficient in test management, their misaligned priorities had the effect of continually hitting the bullseye on the wrong target.

Keith Klain, Barclays Capital Global Test Center

Collaborative Web-based Testing for Product and Software Development

How to establish instantaneous traceability with Requirements and Development Artifacts. How to automatically process and identify unit test methods and promote as "First Class Citizens". How to perform any test. Test any product. Test on any device. Anywhere.

David Merrill, Polarion
Creating a Risk-based Testing Strategy

An efficient test finds the most important defects as early as possible and at the lowest possible cost. The challenge for many of us is determining which tests are most important to execute and when to perform them. Mary LeMieux-Ruibal and Mirkeya Capellán introduce a simple approach for implementing a risk-based test strategy to ensure that test plans are well-organized and help find those “big” defects first.

Mary LeMieux-Ruibal, Sogeti USA


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