STARWEST 2016 - Software Testing Conference


Become a Performance Diagnostics Hero

Andreas Grabner maintains that most performance and scalability problems don’t need a large or long running performance test or the expertise of a performance engineering guru. Don’t let anybody tell you that performance is too hard to practice because it actually is not. You can take the...

Andreas Grabner

Big Data, Big Trouble: Getting into the Flow of Hadoop Testing

Big Data, one of the latest buzzwords in our industry, involves working with petabytes of data captured by various systems and making sense of that data in some way. Maryam Umar has found that testing systems like Hadoop is very challenging because of the frequency with which the data...

Maryam Umar

Comprehensive Performance Testing: From Early Dev to Live Production

Although the idea of doing performance testing throughout the software lifecycle sounds simple enough, as soon as you try to combine the concepts of “always testing” (in dev, pre-prod, and production) with “limited time and resources” and throw in the word “comprehensive,” the challenges...

Brad Stoner

Design for Testability in Practice

With the drive for continuous integration and delivery, the implications and approaches for designing more testable software are receiving substantial discussion and debate. What does testability really mean in practice? How do you take the idea of testability—how easy it is to test...

Nir Szilagyi

Exploratory Testing and Automated Testing: Create a Healthy Relationship

With the pressure of decreased time-to-market and the demand for error-free web applications, some people erroneously believe that test automation can solve all our defect woes. Dawn Jardine believes that neither test automation alone nor exploratory testing alone can solve quality issues.

Dawn Jardine

Get a Handle on Your Test Data—Starting Now

If you don’t proactively manage and control your application test data, you may be missing out on a big process improvement that will save money, improve test coverage, and may save your systems from embarrassing failures. Paul Merrill describes the advantages and disadvantages of four...

Paul Merrill

Go Test Yourself: A Self-Testing Automation Pattern

Today even the simplest applications are built with numerous technologies, creating an ever-expanding need for tests. If you’ve built an automation framework and a suite of tests, Prakash Karaka says you are off to a good start. However, as your application changes expand, you are required...

Prakash Karaka

IoT Software Testing Challenges: The IoT World Is Really Different

With billions of devices containing new software connected to the Internet, the Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to become the next growth area for software development and testing. Although many traditional test techniques and strategies remain viable, challenges in IoT testing include...

Jon Hagar

It’s Time to Automate Your Exploratory Testing

Exploratory testing (ET) is a great complement to traditional test approaches. Testing professionals often see ET as an approach for manual testing. However, trying to organize ET from a test process perspective can be a challenge. There is an important question to ask—and answer...

Jim Trentadue

Making the Move to Behavior-Driven Development

Behavior-driven development (BDD) is a hot topic in the development community. Not only does a properly implemented BDD process help drive increased automation and quicker development cycles, it also facilitates better collaboration between departments and reduces siloed communication.

Kevin Dunne


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