IoT Software Testing Challenges: The IoT World Is Really Different

Jon Hagar

With billions of devices containing new software connected to the Internet, the Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to become the next growth area for software development and testing. Although many traditional test techniques and strategies remain viable, challenges in IoT testing include huge amounts of data, multiple communication channels, device protocols, resource limitations (battery or memory), addressing sensors and controllers, cloud-hardware-device integration, and security concerns. Jon Hagar says that for IoT testers to be successful, they must develop new knowledge and skills, and apply them based on real data and proven test design methods. Testing analytics should include raw test data, data relationships across software integration boundaries, and social media inputs, as well as a keen understanding of sociological and psychological factors. Jon shares insights into math-based testing, model-based testing, attack-based exploratory testing, and appropriate types of standards as basics of IoT testing. Take back a new holistic view for your IoT testing which considers the world environment, connected systems, local systems, and the IoT device itself.

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