It’s Time to Automate Your Exploratory Testing

Jim Trentadue

Exploratory testing (ET) is a great complement to traditional test approaches. Testing professionals often see ET as an approach for manual testing. However, trying to organize ET from a test process perspective can be a challenge. There is an important question to ask—and answer: Is exploratory testing compatible with test automation? Jim Trentadue explores how automated test cases can be designed to include provisions for exploratory testing. Examples of this are data used in input fields, navigating various paths in your application, encountering unexpected active windows in the system under test, interfacing to other systems, or intermittent data injection. The goal is to wrap a level of structure around ET using test automation and ultimately produce more and better exploratory scenarios than would otherwise be possible. Each automated test result reports on the findings from your exploratory tests, allowing the tester to evaluate his efforts more readily and take action more rapidly. This is the time to explore automating your exploratory testing.

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