STAREAST 2012 - Software Testing Conference


Moving to the Next Level: From Tester to Visionary Manager

Would you like to chart a better course for your test team but don’t know where to begin? Before you can plan for a better future and take your team to the next level, you first must know where you are. George Viegas has developed a quick and easy checklist you can use to evaluate the testing function in your organization. The checklist identifies more than thirty items in major areas such as test automation, team maturity, and process.

George Viegas, Thomson Reuters
One QA Team's Journey from No Process to Continuous Feedback and Improvement

You'll learn a lot at STAREAST but do you know how you are going to systematically incorporate your new ideas into actions that will work back at the shop? Can you identify and evaluate the current state of your test process today? Do you really know if testing will be finished on time and within budget or is it just a best guess?

Jan Fish, Quality Metric
Oracle's Approach to Application and Infrastructure Testing: Strategies and Best Practices

Learn from our application testing experiences. We've integrated these lessons into our own Application Quality Management solutions. These solutions support a new, time-saving and risk-averse approach to testing Oracle application and infrastructure.

Mughees Minhas, Oracle
Overcome Mobile Testing Challenges

The importance of automated testing. Mobile fuctional testing with Emulators or Real Devices. Mobile performance testing and factoring in network conditions.

John Jeremiah, Mobile Solutions & Performance Center, HP

Performance Testing Earlier in the Software Development Lifecycle

Historically, performance testing has been relegated to simply adding a few weeks to the back end of a project to run a series of prescripted tests. The problem with this approach is that issues that performance test engineers uncover late in the project are often too costly to remediate, placing the entire effort at risk. Agile development methodologies can further complicate the issue due to their ever-changing landscape and often a lack of focus on performance testing.

Eric Gee, Raymond James & Associates
Security Testing: The Foundations and More

Your organization is doing well with functional, usability, and performance testing. However, you know that software security is a key part of your assurance and compliance strategy for protecting applications and critical data. Left undiscovered, security-related defects can wreak havoc in a system when malicious invaders attack. If you don’t know where to start with security testing and don’t know what you are looking for, this session is for you.

Alan Crouch, Coveros, Inc.

Simple and Informative Performance Tests You Can Do Now

When most people think of performance testing, they think about the hard-or the very, very hard-parts, those expensive and complicated tools that simulate the activity of thousands of end-users while collecting tens or hundreds of thousands of measurements. Scott Barber tells those looking to start performance testing to start with easy and mid-level tests.

Scott Barber, PerfTestPlus, Inc.

Simple Metrics for Starters

Measurements and metrics are a hot topic again. Theorists often rail against them as meaningless and potentially harmful. Practitioners fear them because they don’t want to be metric-ed out of a job. Managers want them so they can better understand what is happening in the software development lifecycle and try to make their processes more efficient. David Gilbert shares the simple set of measurements and metrics Raymond James has implemented and describes the practical benefits they have gained.

David Gilbert, Raymond James
Software Design for Testability

Testability is a key ingredient for building robust and sustainable systems. Neglecting testability during software development increases technical debt and has severe consequences on systems that are destined to operate for many years. Peter Zimmerer describes influencing factors and constraints of designing software for testability and shares his experiences on the value and benefits of testability-and the repercussions of poor testability.

Peter Zimmerer, Siemens AG

Software Testing in the Cloud: Issues and Opportunities

Cloud computing offers virtualized hardware, unlimited storage, and built-in software services that can aid in reducing the execution time of large test suites. However, migrating software testing to the cloud is not a trivial activity nor is it necessarily the best solution to all testing problems. Using real-world case studies conducted at the Florida Institute of Technology, Scott Tilley describes the issues and opportunities of software testing in the cloud.

Scott Tilley, Florida Institute of Technology


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