STAREAST 2012 - Software Testing Conference


Streamlining Cloud Based Testing

On-premise vis-a-vis Cloud based testing. Look at various cloud based performance testing models, advantages, and pitfalls in performance testing from Cloud. SandStorm - cloud based performance testing solution.

Shirish Bhale, Impetus
Surviving or Thriving: Top Ten Lessons for a Professional Tester

As testers and test managers we often find ourselves struggling to survive within our organization-sometimes with the possibility of outsourcing or offshoring just around the corner. We often are asked to become more “effective” and more “efficient” with time and resources-to do “more with less.” However, most testers and test managers are unsure of what this actually means. Lloyd Roden shares ten valuable and practical lessons on how you can actually become better at what you do in testing and thrive in your career.

Lloyd Roden, Lloyd Roden Consultancy

Talking Quality to Business: Metrics for Improvement

Are your testing and quality assurance activities adding significant value in the eyes of your stakeholders? Do you have difficulty convincing decision-makers that they need to invest more in improving quality? Selecting metrics that stakeholders understand will get your improvement project or program past the pilot phase and reduce the risk of having it stopped in its tracks.

Todd Brasel, Pitney Bowes
Test Automation in a Mixed Software/Firmware Environment

Test automation is an attractive choice for dealing with regression testing, high-volume repetitive testing, data-driven testing, and high risk software that needs its tests to be strictly repeatable. However, the automation tools on the market focus on either software or firmware, so they only offer solutions to pieces of the puzzle.

Christopher Crapo, Boston Scientific
Test Design for Automation

Automation is often seen as a technical challenge-a matter of applying the right technology, tools, and smart programming talent. However, test automation often lags behind expectations and is difficult to manage and maintain, especially for large and complex systems. Hans Buwalda describes the role that the right choices for test design can play in automation success. Specifically, discover how good automated tests are not the same as the automation of good manual tests.

Hans Buwalda, LogiGear Corporation

Test Management for Cloud Applications

The "cloud" can deliver services over the Internet in three flavors-software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Testing cloud services requires test managers to focus on more than classical functional testing to address additional risks-new Internet dependencies, different security challenges, and performance concerns-brought by the cloud.

Ruud Teunissen, Polteq Test Services B.V.

Test Process Improvement with the TMMi® Model

The Test Maturity Model integration® (TMMi®) model, developed to complement the CMMI® framework, is rapidly becoming the test process improvement model of choice in Europe, Asia, and the US. Erik van Veenendaal, one of the developers of TMMi, describes the model’s five maturity levels-Initial, Managed, Defined, Management and Measurement, and Optimization-and the key testing practices required at each level.

Erik Veenendaal, Improve Quality Services BV
Test Scenarios for Data-centric Systems

Analysis and testing for data warehouse and business intelligence (BI) projects typically confirm that data was correctly mapped and can be accessed as intended. Such work is absolutely necessary, though not sufficient. Testing for data-centric systems also must prove that the data can be used as intended. Although behavior-modeling techniques that explore system usage aren’t typically part of business warehousing and BI toolkits, they are key to deployments that meet business expectations.

Sue Burk, EBG Consulting
Testing in the Mobile Environment: A Functional View

Everyone is talking about mobile testing these days. Testers are focused on the vast and growing number of devices and how to do testing right in this fast-changing technology. Take a deep dive into functional testing for mobile devices with Karen Johnson, who has worked with multiple clients in mobile testing for the past two years. Karen reviews test considerations for search, currency, multi-lingual settings, and more.

Karen Johnson, Software Test Management, Inc.
Testing Trends: Cloud, Virtualization, and Mobility

Almost daily, we see reports of software failures that harm enterprises and impact the brand, putting testing organizations and their efforts in the spotlight. Fortunately, testers are now in one of the most exciting times in the software industry’s history! Theresa Lanowitz describes how you can begin to use new technologies-cloud, virtualization, and mobility-to deliver more value to your company, enhance your career, and act as a change agent for higher quality.

Theresa Lanowitz, voke, Inc.


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