Agile Development Practices 2009


Storyotypes: The Patterns Within the Stories

Have you noticed that similar stories appear over and over again as you develop a system? According to Dan Rawsthorne, stories-those small chunks of work that make up your backlog and provide demonstrable value to the project-can be categorized by purpose as: Production, Analysis, Cleanup, Infrastructure/Environment, Business Support, or Other. Within each of these categories are different "storyotypes"-patterns that define the commonalities among the stories themselves.

Dan Rawsthorne, Danube Technologies, Inc.

Sustaining an Agile Culture

In Scrum, the product owner manages the product backlog-seems simple enough. But what principles are required to make seemingly straightforward agile practices really work? Mitch Lacey suggests courage, trust, commitment, and simplicity are those principles. Courage: Do I have the courage to say no to this stakeholder for the overall benefit of the product? Trust: Can I trust the team to sustain their velocity? Commitment: Are all team members working everyday to improve?

Janet Gregory, DragonFire Inc.

The Scrum Product Owner Demystified

A Scrum product owner's job is challenging, to say the least. Unfortunately, the specific concepts and techniques required to succeed often aren't spelled out in books and training classes. And being referred to-in Scrum jargon-as "the single wringable neck" is enough to discourage anyone from signing up for the job.

Jeff Patton, Independent Consultant

User Stories for Agile Requirements

Expressing requirements as user stories is one of the most broadly applicable techniques introduced by the agile processes. User stories are an effective approach on all time constrained projects and are a great way to introduce a bit of agility to any project. Mike Cohn describes the six attributes of good stories-independent, negotiable, valuable, estimable, sized appropriately, and testable. Explore how user stories help a team shift from more documents to more discussion, encouraging the right mix of both.

Mike Cohn, Mountain Goat Software


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