The Scrum Product Owner Demystified

Jeff Patton, Independent Consultant

A Scrum product owner's job is challenging, to say the least. Unfortunately, the specific concepts and techniques required to succeed often aren't spelled out in books and training classes. And being referred to-in Scrum jargon-as "the single wringable neck" is enough to discourage anyone from signing up for the job. While there's no silver bullet, Jeff Patton helps fill your Scrum tool-kit with valuable approaches that help product owners succeed: the basics of collaborative discovery sessions to identify business and user goals; how to create effective user stories for better planning; how to split and thin user stories to support iterative/incremental development; approaches for reducing the risk of late delivery; and techniques for keeping users, stakeholders, and the team involved from inception through delivery. Jeff knits all of this into a useful product owner's practice map for you to take back for yourself or for the product owner in your life.

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