What is a Virtual VOB in ClearCase?

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Hello Friends,

Please let me know, what exactly is a "Virtual VOB" in ClearCase. How to make it? implement the polocies? Do we require any seperate SW like VMVare to create a Virtual VOB? I am working in a Telecom Based Company and we are about to get a new Project, there our Project Manager requirement is to create a "Virtual VOB" using ClearCase. We will go in details in next month. Before that, I want to know what it is, why it is used for, how to create it. Thanks for all your answers for my Query.

Best Regards/Sebastian.


2 Answers

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Hi Sebastian,

There's no such thing as a virtual VOB, as far as I know. A VOB on a virtual machine is still just a VOB.


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Many Thanks Garry for your immediate response. Please let me know about Virtual machines!

Best Regards/Sebastian.

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