What are the current IBM/Rational offerings?

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Arthur Adams asked on August 24, 2017 - 8:11am | Replies (1).

I've used Ratiional ClearCase and ClearQuest in the past, but it's been a long time - at least seven years since I used CQ, and probably a decade since I used CC. On a project where we used both, I had them integrated. (I used them enough to refer to them collectively as "ClearWaste".)

I'm currently tasked with evaluating various CM-related suites for where I'm working now, and I'm finding it very confusing to determine just what IBM is currently offering.

I see ClearCase and ClearQuest are still sold. Are they actively supported?

As far as I can tell, DOORS and DOORSNg have replaced RequisitePro.

I see there's Jazz and Team Concert -- what's the difference between the two?

Does Team Concert use the other tools like ClearCase, ClearQuest, and DOORS? Does it replace them?

And finally, do the IBM tools still have a very cost compared to tools like the Atlassian Suite and Microsoft TFS?

I'm kind of limited in what I can see at IBM's web site since they use a great deal of YouTube videos and YouTube is blocked here. The only browser we have is IE and the IBM web sites to try demo version of the tools won't on IE, either.

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I believe ClearCase/ClearQuest are no longer supported by IBM.
My company migrated to IBM's Jazz platform back in 2013. From my understanding Jazz platform is the underlying technology that allows application modules (RTC, DNG, RQM) to integrate; see https://jazz.net/story/about/about-jazz-platform.jsp
Rational Team Concert (RTC) is composed of: SCM, planning, work-item management, build management
Doors Next Generation (DNG) replaces Rational DOORS for requirements management.
Rational Quality Manager (RQM) is their test management solution to compete to with HP’s ALM.
Additionally, RTC and DNG also include “Review” functionality.
What’s interesting about jazz platform is that applications can link (“Collaborate”) to artifacts in the other applications via the jazz platform using REST API. So, Stories in RTC can link to Requirements in DNG and Test Cases in RQM – providing end-to-end traceability. They have now added “Global Configuration” concept which allows artifacts across these applications to be configured in the same way as source-code (steams, baselines).
The jazz platform with (RTC, DNG, RQM) is a “swiss-army knife” aimed at product development and can be daunting for someone that just wants use it for SCM.
I found 'Developer’s Guide to Rational Team Concert & Jazz Source Control' quite useful.

You can setup an account on jazz.net and “Try” these applications on their cloud on jazz.net.

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