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I've used Ratiional ClearCase and ClearQuest in the past, but it's been a long time - at least seven years since I used CQ, and probably a decade since I used CC. On a project where we used both, I had them integrated. (I used them enough to refer to them collectively as "ClearWaste".)

I'm currently tasked with evaluating various CM-related suites for where I'm working now, and I'm finding it very confusing to determine just what IBM is currently offering.

I see ClearCase and ClearQuest are still sold. Are they actively supported?

As far as I can tell, DOORS and DOORSNg have replaced RequisitePro.

I see there's Jazz and Team Concert -- what's the difference between the two?

Does Team Concert use the other tools like ClearCase, ClearQuest, and DOORS? Does it replace them?

And finally, do the IBM tools still have a very cost compared to tools like the Atlassian Suite and Microsoft TFS?

I'm kind of limited in what I can see at IBM's web site since they use a great deal of YouTube videos and YouTube is blocked here. The only browser we have is IE and the IBM web sites to try demo version of the tools won't on IE, either.

By Mani P - April 12, 20131 Answer

We have some need to allow self-registration with ClearQuest for some database. We have integrated CQ with LDAP. Appreciate your ideas on the same.

One way i thought is too have link in CQ startup screen for self-registration which will get all relevant info from user and via perl create new account in CQ.

I have a stated record type of Escalation which has a parent/child relationship with a stateless record type of CodeStreams. CodeStreams has a resolution field for each child CodeStream. There can be many CodeStreams to one escalation.

I am trying to create a query that will only return records in which none of the children have a resolution of "fixed".

I have tried a variety of and/or options to no avail, seems some records still come back where a child is "fixed". I am thinking this may have to be done with SQL, any help would be much appreciated.

We have installed CQ 7.0.1 on Win2003. We do notice that CQ is responding vey slow while navigating the states.

We are using Apache web server and i do see that there are 252 threads of apache are running.

Kindly let me know if there are any performance tips.


By vishjack - August 22, 20111 Answer

Hi, am new to ClearQuest development. i am trying to debug a code not able to to do so.

I am trying to check the par/child relationship. If the Defect is being put in Completedstate it should first check the child activity is in completed state or not if not it should not put the Defect in completed state. i am trying to send the o/p to the dbwin32 console but the statement i have put in OutputDebugString is not appearing in dbwin32 so i am not able to figure out the code is executed or not...

Any help would be appreciated ?

Here is my code:

sub Defect_Validation {
my($actionname, $actiontype) = @_;
my $result;

# }
$sessionObj = $entity->GetSession();
#Display a debug string via a debugger
$sessionObj->OutputDebugString(" Inside the Defect_Validation routine.\n");

$ActList = $entity->GetFieldValue("parchildact")->GetValueAsList();

$sessionObj->OutputDebugString(" ActList= $ActList \n" );

if ( $entity->GetFieldValue("parchildact")->GetValueStatus == $CQPerlExt::CQ_HAS_VALUE)

foreach my $act (@$ActList)
# &Debug("*** BaseCMActivity:" . $act);
# Get each Activity Record
my $Act = $session->GetEntity( "BaseCMActivity", $act );
# Get the State of the Activity Record
$ActState = $Act->GetFieldValue("State")->GetValue();
# &Debug("*** State:" . $ActState);
# if the state of any associated Activity Record is NOT Completed, then fail
if ($ActState ne "Complete") {
$result = "All associated BaseCMActivities must be in the \"Complete\" State.";
return $result;



$result = "";
return $result;

I have to move ClearQuest along with DB2 database from Windows 2000 server to Windows 2003. The servers are NOT on the same network.

I got my backup and installed DB2 on the new server, restored MASTR database.

However, I get an error message trying to establish this database as new schema repository (using CQ Maintenance tool).

Any suggestions?

We are an interop shop currently upgraded to CC/CQ Our vob/view server is unix (SOL). End users are all Windows XP Prof OS (some Linux later)

One of the uses for Rational is a 4 year old home grown DocMgmt app which uses CQ as the document request meta data piece and CC as the document repository for the documents.

One of our user groups (call them TEO for 'Their Eyes Only') wishes to use the system, but needs more security than what is provided currently. Clearcase is set up with only one Clearcase group which has access to all VOBS in an effort to reduce operational maintenance costs (I'm told). However, this means anyone who can create a view, in any region, on any stream on any VOB.

I would like to create a special TEO DEV stream off of the DocMgmt INT stream we now have with 10,000 tech docs in it and create a trigger to validate who is creating a view on the stream and prevent them from doing so if they are not one of a list of ten network IDs. If necessary, we could create a network group and place TEO users in it or just maintain the list with the trigger.

Can this be done and any special considerations?


We have a Clearquest application solution for internal audit tracking.

One record type as parent is the audit "Finding". The other record type as child is "Action". Of course both record types appear on the dropdown menu to create new records, but I don't want actions created without parents from that menu which happens from time to time.

How to remove the child "Action" record type just from the menu? Or prevent it from being created as a new record when not linked to a parent record?

Any solution is welcome.


I am importing updates to ClearQuest data.

My import file is a text file that was created as export from another (non CQ) database. I select that I import "updates to existing records) however the import tools creates new records and updates also. I map id in the text file to the id in CQ.

Can anyone help, please? This is urgent.

Anyone knows if it is possible to export/import only some Record Types of a schema?

or an export/import operation is only possible to do with the whole schema?




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