Need help moving ClearQuest and DB2 database to a new server

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I have to move ClearQuest along with DB2 database from Windows 2000 server to Windows 2003. The servers are NOT on the same network.

I got my backup and installed DB2 on the new server, restored MASTR database.

However, I get an error message trying to establish this database as new schema repository (using CQ Maintenance tool).

Any suggestions?

1 Answer

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From the Maintenance tool you need to create a new connection to the database you have restored.

Set the connection string to point to the new DB and connect.

Once it is connected, you will notice the connection string has changes and showing the old settings as they were configured in the old server.

Still in the maintenance tool, select the "Schema Repository" menu -> Upgrade -> selected connection (or other if the connection profile you want to change is not selected).

You will then be able to change the connection settings to point to the new server and DB and it will be set this time.

Once this is completed, you will need to use the ClearQuest Designer tool and to run an update to the User databases.

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