Test Automation in a Mixed Software/Firmware Environment

Christopher Crapo, Boston Scientific

Test automation is an attractive choice for dealing with regression testing, high-volume repetitive testing, data-driven testing, and high risk software that needs its tests to be strictly repeatable. However, the automation tools on the market focus on either software or firmware, so they only offer solutions to pieces of the puzzle. Through a case study from Boston Scientific’s Neuromodulation division (BSN), Christopher Crapo shares the benefits and pitfalls of building an in-house test automation system combining off-the-shelf software components and custom tools. Learn how BSN created a scriptable interface to support simultaneous UI, database, and embedded testing and how that interface fit into their overall testing approach. Chris shares his team's strategies for tool selection, interface design, and pulling it all together "under the hood." With a custom solution, you don't have to be limited by a one-size-fits-all automation framework.

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