How DevOps Drives Product Innovation

Shivakumar Gopalakrishnan

Customers are demanding faster delivery of software products. Unfortunately, many organizations have not figured out how to automate their delivery process so they can deploy software applications on demand. In this session, Shivakumar Gopalakrishnan will discuss how Varian Medical Systems uses DevOps capabilities, AI, and chatbots to improve the operational aspects of its 360 Oncology care management platform and enable innovation by shortening time to market. As with any DevOps infrastructure for cloud-native applications, 360 Oncology's infrastructure is complex and has multiple streaming sources of information. You'll learn how bleeding-edge technologies and tools are leveraged to enable the DevOps team to make more informed decisions quickly. Shivakumar will discuss Varian’s "no UI-UI" approach that uses voice recognition, natural language process, and AI to drill down to the root cause of issues, as well as give a demonstration of the integration of AI technologies into Varian's Kubernetes, Docker, Vault, Consul, and Terraform infrastructure. You'll learn how to spearhead a DevOps effort, engage your business early, make work visible, and assure that innovation is part of your daily job.

About the Presenter

Shivakumar Gopalakrishnan is an architect for cloud-native applications at Varian Medical Systems, with more than fifteen years of experience in medical imaging and health care bioinformatics applications. He is always interested in the next shiny object (currently AI, voice recognition, big data, and the IoT for health care DevOps and operations) that will help in delivering impactful changes rapidly.

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