Automated Acceptance Testing of iOS and Android Applications

Jonas Larsen, LessPainful

In the fragmentation game, mobile devices have now claimed first place over the browsers. Android is scoring most of the fragmentation points for the team, but iOS isn't just standing idly by. While automated testing is a natural part of most modern software projects, it is currently not implemented on many mobile projects. Jonas Maturana Larsen and his company, LessPainful, are working to change this. Jonas introduces the BDD-framework Cucumber and shows how to use it to ease the pain of testing mobile applications across different devices, manufacturers, screen sizes, and Android versions. Drawing from his experiences working on Android projects for clients, Jonas shares war stories, highlighting some of the nasty quirks his team has encountered in Android OS. These quirks, together with the forecast of hours of mind-numbing and thumb-mutating manual tests, were the motivation for building and their open source projects for executing automated tests on Android and iOS.

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