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I am involved in a migration from PVCS/VM into Subversion and am trying to workout/setup some "confidence building" reports to show/prove (both to me and to the end-user) that everything that was in PVCS has been migrated.

My generic process is:

1) List content of PVCS/VM ProjectDB using History/vlog

2) List content of PVCS/VM ProjectDB using SVNIMporter "list" option

3) Compare outputs - they should be identical. (I know the SVNIMporter only uses the PCLI commands so this is really only proving that PCLI works "twice" but it provides confidence that the "new" utility (SVNImporter) actually finds the right stuff)

4) Produce SVN DUMPs of the PVCS ProjectDB using SVNImporter "full" option

5) **** Is there an easy way to "list" the content of the dump to "prove" (of establish confidence) that it contains whats expected?
(I suspect the answer to this is NO)

6) Load the Dumps into a new SVN Repo using the SVNAdmin load utility. (I am actually running this "native" rather than runnung it via SVNImporter not least due to the required execution time)

6a) I may use the Load logs as another comparison ie prove SVNAdmin tried to load the right files.

7)***** I would like to produce a list/report of the (Various) content of the now populated SVN Repository (prior to checking out working copies) (Logic suggests that I can match "content" of PVCS Labels against corresponding SVN Tags, PVCS "tip revisios" vs SVN Trunk etc etc).
8) Checkout working copy of various Branches/Tags/Trunk via SVN and compare to "equivalent" checkedout/got from PVCS

9) Lower level file comparisons etc.

My (main) query is No 7 - ie listing the content of SVN Repos into a (text/csv) file for highlevel comparison to equivalent output from PVCS
ie Highlevel comparisons of "every CI" without the need to checkout thousands of files!

Tools I have access to currently:

PVCS/VM & PCLI - which I can tune to produce pretty much what I wantSubversion, SVNAdmin, TortoiseSVN

I have had a brief look at the svn list command but this appears to "look" at SVNRepo via a working directory (ie post checkout).

Help/advice/good ideas welcome? ;) ;)

In SVN , a user is forced to "Checkout" the entire directory containing a source file even though he wants to modify only one file.

Assume a VB project containing .frm, .bas and .frx & .mak files. When user checks out the entire project and makes changes to just .bas file , and uses the VB project properties to configure the build, the .mak file invariably gets updated and becomes a checked out item. When user tries to commit his changes..both *.bas & .mak files get commited to the repository.

Suggestions..anyone ???

I need to move my current svn repo to a new domain/server.

When I looked through the documentation, 'svnadmin dump' and 'svnadmin load' will do the job for moving a repo to a new server. My question here is what else I need to do/consider when moving to a new "domain".

The current repo is enabled with ldap and needs to work the same fashion after the migration. Any help would much appreciated. Thanks,

Does subversion merges the .vi files from one branch to another branch ?

any information is highly appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

I'm sure I'd seen this before but can't identify it now.

I am wondering if anyone has recently migrated from ClearCase to Subversion, or if anyone has been looking into migrating?

As well as how big the development teams using it are, and how many projects are running in parallel and have dependancies upon one another or shared/common code that needs to be merged with multiple streams of code/projects.

If so, please could you let me know as we are looking to do the same, and would like to know about other peoples experiences/challenges/decisions etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Currently, we have added 'comments' against each 'Revision' and sometimes also apply 'Edit log message' to add or modify the mentioned messages but unable to see the history of the previous comments.

So, is there any possibility to see history of the log messages against the same Revision? Thanks!

By Saqib Khan - November 29, 20102 Answers

I want to get changeset recursively but each time get all files/folders that are not required in SVN.

Here is the scenario for better understanding.

There are total 10 folders in an application. There are 3 folders(like X,Y,Z) present at different hierarchy in the same application and each folder contains 20 files. Names of few files are same in these 3 folders. The developer change 2 any files from 3 different folders. By applying the changeset, SVN shows that mentioned 6 files along with the path are changed. [i][Till here it is good for us].[/i]

When we try to get these 6 files with the same hierarchy, there is no such option to get [i]ONLY[/i] these 6 files rather during Export(in windows platform), the mentioned options like Fully recursive, only file children, etc does not work for us.

So, can anyone let us know how to get these 6 changed files in the same hierarchy?


What is the best practice of taking SVN backups, i.e. either through dumps using a script or copying the whole database using Windows System tools or any other good practice?

By ahmadh7 - November 24, 20101 Answer

Can anyone let us know any good reliable company that provides efficient and good quality quick services in providing SVN support. Also if we can get information about their SLA requirements and paid support features, it will be appreciated.

Please share your experiences and the results (if possible) for identification of SVN support providers.

Thank you!


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