Need help with Listing/Reporting Repo Content on conversion from PVCS/VM to Subversion

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Drew Benson asked on December 2, 2011 - 10:36am | Replies (1).

I am involved in a migration from PVCS/VM into Subversion and am trying to workout/setup some "confidence building" reports to show/prove (both to me and to the end-user) that everything that was in PVCS has been migrated.

My generic process is:

1) List content of PVCS/VM ProjectDB using History/vlog

2) List content of PVCS/VM ProjectDB using SVNIMporter "list" option

3) Compare outputs - they should be identical. (I know the SVNIMporter only uses the PCLI commands so this is really only proving that PCLI works "twice" but it provides confidence that the "new" utility (SVNImporter) actually finds the right stuff)

4) Produce SVN DUMPs of the PVCS ProjectDB using SVNImporter "full" option

5) **** Is there an easy way to "list" the content of the dump to "prove" (of establish confidence) that it contains whats expected?
(I suspect the answer to this is NO)

6) Load the Dumps into a new SVN Repo using the SVNAdmin load utility. (I am actually running this "native" rather than runnung it via SVNImporter not least due to the required execution time)

6a) I may use the Load logs as another comparison ie prove SVNAdmin tried to load the right files.

7)***** I would like to produce a list/report of the (Various) content of the now populated SVN Repository (prior to checking out working copies) (Logic suggests that I can match "content" of PVCS Labels against corresponding SVN Tags, PVCS "tip revisios" vs SVN Trunk etc etc).
8) Checkout working copy of various Branches/Tags/Trunk via SVN and compare to "equivalent" checkedout/got from PVCS

9) Lower level file comparisons etc.

My (main) query is No 7 - ie listing the content of SVN Repos into a (text/csv) file for highlevel comparison to equivalent output from PVCS
ie Highlevel comparisons of "every CI" without the need to checkout thousands of files!

Tools I have access to currently:

PVCS/VM & PCLI - which I can tune to produce pretty much what I wantSubversion, SVNAdmin, TortoiseSVN

I have had a brief look at the svn list command but this appears to "look" at SVNRepo via a working directory (ie post checkout).

Help/advice/good ideas welcome? ;) ;)

1 Answer

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Got it - Specify the Repo as a URL not as a path.

Path assumes WorkingCopy/Working Dir

URL can specify to look in the Repo

;-) easy when you know..............

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