User Acceptance Testing: An Interview with Susan Bradley


Susan Bradley and TechWell's Noel Wurst discuss how making the user part of your testing team helps achieve quality at the beginning of your project. Learn how the user's valuable input creates real ownership of the product and helps everyone share the workload.


Susan_BradleyA certified software testing engineer (CSTE) for seven years, Susan Bradley has worked in quality assurance and testing for sixteen years. Today Susan strives to bring best manual testing processes to Grange Mutual Insurance where she is the enterprise QA software process architect. She had the opportunity to work on the top project initiative at Grange and interact closely with the business units to ensure a quality product. Susan is a member of the Central Ohio Quality Assurance Association. A writer of young adult mysteries in her off time, Susan saw her first novel, Unraveled, published by Evernight Teen in spring 2013.


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