STAREAST 2003 - Software Testing Conference


Testing Microsoft.NET Applications

This paper will teach you how to build testing processes from lessons learned and best practices. Solutions are recommended to help enhance your .NET programming experience.

Al Rago, Olenick & Associates
Testing Success or Failure - It's Up to You

This paper discusses how you can move as many dangers out of the testing minefield as possible. You'll also learn how to limit the impact of the dangers you cannot move so you will be able to maximize the time you spend testing. Following these guidelines will also help you increase the effectiveness of your testing.

Donna O'Neill, IV&V Australia
The Business Value of Quality and Testing

Adam Tate discusses the business value of quality and testing. Learn how to increase the business value of your customer approach. Discover how to put the "R" back in ROI. In this article, the author uses his vast expertise to show you how to do just that.

Adam Tate, IBM
The Dynamic Answer to Test Automation: Model-Based Testing

This paper discusses the advantages to using Model-Based testing. Model-Based testing provides efficient coverage, tests what you expect and what you don’t, and finds crashing and non-crashing bugs. It is resistant to pesticide paradox and is fun to watch. Read on as the author explains this method.

Harry Robinson, Microsoft Corporation
The Generations of Test Automation Tools

This paper discusses the first three generations of software test automation and introduces the fourth generation of software test automation: model-based test automation. The benefits of using test automation are also covered. A list of acronyms and a glossary of testing terms is also included.

Mark Blackburn, Software Productivity Consortium
The Testing Holodeck: A FREE Tool for Runtime Fault Injection

This article details some interesting software bugs and explains to the reader why they occur. The author discusses using this understanding to help your testing team improve their skills.

James Whittaker, Florida Institute of Technology

They Don't Care About Quality!

This paper discusses finding the true value of quality and what it means to your test team. Sometimes there is a difference between what customers and vendors each value. Getting the quality definition of both groups to match as closely as possible is the key to a successful project.

Kathleen Iberle, Hewlett-Packard
Three Paradoxes of Test Automation

This article discusses the three test automation paradoxes. They are: bugs in automated tests, automated regression testing, and trusting developers to help test. It also explains why not taking them seriously often leads to unreliable test suites.

Bret Pettichord, Pettichord Consulting
TTCN-3: A Standard Test Scripting Language

In this article, the author lays out the case for having a dedicated, standardized test language. The benefits of using a TTCN-3 are also detailed. Read on for an explanation of TTCN-3 and learn how TTCN-3 may be instrumental in bringing testing into the modern age.

Matt Graney, Telelogic North America Inc
Web/e-Commerce Application Stress Testing

This article discusses application stress testing in a Web/e-commerce environment. Techniques on how to recover from defect discoveries are also included.

Robert Sabourin, Inc


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