STAREAST 2003 - Software Testing Conference


Interoperability Testing with Java Web Services

This paper discusses why it is important to test for interoperability.

Vinay Pai, Sun Microsystems
Introduce and Sustain a Worldwide Software Inspection Process

In this presentation you will discover how to: understand the benefits that come with implementing inspections, understand the steps to rollout an effective inspection process, how to anticipate the problems that can be
encountered during an inspection rollout, and learn the importance of monitoring to maintain effective inspections. This paper also details system inspection definitions.

Marc Rene, GTECH Corporation
Introduction to Systematic Testing

This course provides an introduction and overview of a systematic approach to testing. The goal is to create well focused and structured tests. This is only one view of testing. Other views, such as exploratory testing, look at the process from a different perspective. Dale Perry explains systematic testing.

Dale Perry, Software Quality Engineering

Not Testing from Outside the Firewall? It'll Come Back to Haunt You

Performance testing measures response times, transaction rates, and other time sensitive requirements. The goal of performance testing is to verify that the performance requirements have been achieved. Performance testing is usually executed several times, each using a different "workload" on the system. This article discusses how to validate system performance, find bottlenecks, and tune system performance.

Christopher Nolan, Empirix Software
ODC for Diagnosing Test Effectiveness

This article discusses ODC (Orthogonal Defect Classification) and how its implementation relates to test effectiveness. The author also explains ODC analysis and how it can benefit your test team.

Ram Chillarege, Chillarege Inc.
Paradigms Lost, Paradigms Tossed: New Perspectives for Test Management

A paradigm is a set of rules and regulations that does two things: it establishes or defines boundaries; and it tells you how to be successful inside the boundaries. This paper discusses why paradigms are important and how they relate to test management.

Harry Robinson, Microsoft Corporation
Personal Skills for Test Professionals

This paper discusses personal skills for test professionals and managers. In addition to excellent technical skills and an understanding of testing methodologies and tools, testers, and their managers, must have a rich portfolio of
personal skills.

Steve Allott, ElectroMind Limited
Practical Experiences in Graph-Based Testing

This article discusses design techniques and models implemented in graph-based testing. Test script models are also detailed along with test script development.

Alan Richardson, Compendium Developments Ltd

Questions That You Should Ask Your Test Manager (And How They Should Answer)

This article gives tips on the right way to approach your test manager when an issue arises involving the test team. Taking the time to plot out the right agenda before you begin communication is the key to a successful outcome.

Brian Warren, Dell Computer Corporation
Re-Engineering the Testing Organization: Get Into the Future

This article discusses how updating current processes will make your test team better able to accomplish project goals. Change is good when it is implemented the right way.

Clyneice Chaney, Application Services


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