Why is it recommended to keep the view storage location on a server using ClearCase?

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It has been my experience to locate snapshot view storage locations on the client in favor of performance over backup. IBM does not recommend this.

I have done this in the past because if the remote location is lost, the real value of view is lost (e.g., checked out elements that have been modified, etc.), regardless of whether the view storage location was also lost, or was located on a server.

The only reason I can see to keep the storage location on the server is that it makes it easier to remove the view if the view contents are lost (e.g., using rmview). However, if the view storage location is lost, it is still possible to remove the view from the registry with a few extra steps (unregister and rmtag).

Are there other reasons it is recommended to keep the view storage location on a server besides this one?

I can understand why you would want dynamic view storage located on the server, but question the tradeoff of performance if you have an excessive number of snapshot view locations on a server.


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Yes -

1) central management

2) backups (if necessary to views)

Depends on your hardware (mostly IO and network), sometimes you get higher performance for snapshot views although it's on a server.

Tamir Gefen, GoMidjets

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