Is there a best pratice, DoD, etc. best pratice terminology for Change Management Plan and/or Configuration Management Plan?

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I am in the process of revising the current Change Management Plan to read as an Enterprise Change Management Plan to include functional systems and enclaves. Is there a DoD and/or ITIL standard for naming this document to be uniform accross the projects.

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Hi Germaine,

The IEEE 828 Standard - prior to 2012 - was focused mostly on CM Planning. In 2012 we revised the standard to be full lifecycle and harmonized to ITIL v3, ISACA Cobit 4.1 and EIA 649A (non-compliance standard) among others. 

Traditionally, CM Plans  by and large consist of four main sections:

* Configuration Identification

* Status Accounting

* Change Control

* Configuration Audit

I have quite a bit of online training on this topic available on the website for my new book on agile ALM & DevOps including videos:

Feel free to contact me for more information

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