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Wondering if such profile exist in industry where one SC Expert can startup a small Consultancy on SCM Setup in new companies or enhance existing SCM profiling using best practices. Something like freelancing kinda.

Would be great knowing such people & companies which started at small scale & how it turned up. If anything such exist in India? How is the response ?

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hi Kapila,

I am not sure how the laws work in India, although I have taught in Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai for a large US based Corporation - at the time I was a full time employee of the firm that sent me.

In the US it is very common for SCM gurus to run their own small consulting firms and also to form partnerships with other consultants to share assignments and handle the ups and downs of the demand for their services. 

If  you do decide to try your hand at freelance consulting then make sure that you decide what your area of expertise will be. Some consultants focus on build engineering and others become version control experts. Make sure that you get your name out there by sharing best practices online (right here!) and also contact me to get your articles published. Be prepared to be asked to come onboard fulltime which may or may not be a good move for you. 

Interviews go really well when the hiring manager has read your article and already decided that you are an expert!


Bob Aiello
Editor in Chief

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Thanks Bob.  Indian Laws is same as for any consultant. What I understand to start with-

  1. Choose your expertise domain- Build & Release,Deployment,Automation,Process/Policies,VCS
  2. Publish your profile in industry by posting  articles on cmcrossroads ,blog

Is there any incubator/accelator in this domain to help  aspirants like me? Can you share names for any renowned SCM guru (website)in US? Assisting any guru would be a good start .Dont know if such exist.

Sorry didn't understand on- "Come fulltime onboard" On cmcrossroads?

In hiring a consultant what challeneges you face? for someone new lot more hurdles to cross by.


Looking forward to hear more from you.


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