Need help integrating Perforce and defect tracking

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vic_config asked on December 6, 2010 - 4:33am | Replies (3).

I am seriously considering taking up Perforce as our version control tool and I'd like to garner people's opinions regarding the defect management component.

The tool will be used predominantly for SCM purposes by a team of about 30. However, there will be much more people (such as business and technical testers, customer service, managers) utilising the defect management tool to raise defects, enhancements, functional and non-functional requirements, the lot.

What i'd like to know is if access to the defect tracking tool in Perforce requires a full license as well or if there are any workarounds? If so, please advise. If not, then what are the best DM tools to integrate with Perforce at the moment.

Thanks in advance.

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don't know about license consumption. but I would definitely recommend take any common bug tracking tool for those team of 30, and integrate it to perforce.

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There are various defect trackers which integrate with Perforce. Ideally this should be via P4DTG - the supported framework.

If you talk to Perforce you can usually get a free license to perform automated tasks such as keeping a defect tracker in sync.

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keerthi replied on December 17, 2010 - 5:07am.

...defect tracking tool in Perforce requires a full license...
The answer is YES. You need a full license to access all the features of defect tracking mechanism though you can have a guest "read only" account via the web interface.

Defect tracking feature in perforce is offered via "Perforce Jobs". This really lives up to your expectations if you plan to use it only for defects/bugs/enhancements that would result in a change to your source code. It might not satisfy your need for a real world issue management system. One of the features that I found lacking in P4 jobs is that it does
not support multiple workflows which is different for bugs and enhancements and production change requests.

I would suggest that you use p4 jobs tied up with an external defect tracking system like Bugzilla(free) or Jira(commercial). With this integration you can replicate the bugs created in the defect tracking system to p4 jobs and tie the changelists to the jobs. Opt for Bugzilla if you are on a budget or Jira if you need a good process flow with tight integration.

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