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Paul McElhone asked on February 16, 2015 - 8:26am | Replies (2).

We are about to migrate from ClearCase (Both Base and UCM) to GIT. Are there any papers or scripts out there that can help?

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Bob Aiello replied on February 17, 2015 - 10:38am.

Hi Paul,
I usually find that it is not helpful to migrate history from one version control system to another. I usually just migrate interesting baselines. This works best when you can keep the legacy system around for historical purposes and I realize that this may be difficult to do with ClearCase but still migrating the version history is often less than completely useful.


Bob Aiello, Technical Editor


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hi Paul,

our team has just moved from IBM's RTC to Git not long before,  with an unfinished project. We downloaded Codebase Origin from the original stream, Codebase A from Stream A, and Codebase B from Stream B.  One developer made all patches between Origin and A,  and then between Origin and B. A manifest was produced, which devides Codebase Origin into 600+ projects. These projects' codes were pushed to the server, stored in Branch Origin  of each project. We then created Branch A from Branch Origin with the patches between Origin and A. The same was done to create Branch B.  Manifest A and Manifest B were produced by adding 'revison=Branch A' and 'revison=Branch B' in the projects which had been applied with any of the patches. The manifests themselves are managed by a seperate git with Branch Origin, A and B. 

So now if we want to download Codebase A, we just run 'repo init -u someUrlOfManifest -b BranchA' and 'repo sync' to download Codebase A. If some specific project is needed, just run 'git clone someUrlOfProject [-b BranchName]'. You can get detailed info from any git related websites or books.

If you need any further or detailed info pls mail me at [email protected]


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