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Prari V asked on January 27, 2015 - 4:30am | Replies (1).

Hi, we are 100 memeber team working on one Java application. We are following Agile process and every week we will have a release for bug fixes and code changes.
Parallely we are also working on developement release on same code base.

Version Control tool is SVN.

For every week, (issues fix release and development  release)  all 50 devolpers are merging their changes manually. Becuase of this we have been facing many merge related issues and even some developers are missing to merge their code changes.we dont have any validation in place to validate developer word ( because of 300 + issues and 50 developers.) . we are simply assuming all developers merged their code changes as they mentioned. ) 

Kindly adivce any optimized solution or Merge Automations if any ?



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Bob Aiello replied on February 17, 2015 - 10:44am.

Hi Prari,
Subversion has had many merge issues going back as long as I can remember. You also have a lot of developers merging their code. Why so many?

Perhaps you should try really good external merge tool.
(What is your platform and technical stack?)

But I should really ask why you have so many merges? Are you branching on every feature? These practices often lead to late-binding integration and result in many problems.

Could you explain your rationalle for so many merges a little more?

Bob Aiello, Technical Editor

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