Jmeter in Cloud Setup with 30k User Load

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gnana sekar asked on August 21, 2018 - 3:20am | Replies (1).

Hello All,

I want to test a mobile application with 30k load in jmeter with cloud set-up,as i have never done such a huge v.user load in jmeter and with distributed load,please help me how to proceed with detailed step by step.

I have worked in jmtere(here: for past 5-6 months but with only one load generator machine with 200-300 V.user.




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The JMeter documentation brilliantly captures how to run a distributed test.

  1. Manage your data on each node (look at setting up some CI tool to help run some copy jobs before you kick off your test. this will help copy your test data Accordingly).
  2. you need one machine to act as a master and other to as a slave.  



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