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I received one request from one of our client regarding "group permission change for listed folders" from “abc” vob as they are not able to change permission due to mastership issue for those folders. Because, mastership lies at our end. I got request to change the group permissions for our vob's 10 directories. So that they can access and do some analysis through some tools. But as per our admins, VOB group permissions remains to one group only and they cannot change it. But our Client is keep on
pinging me. As per my R&D, I found "protectvob" command. Does the below command works?

cleartool protectvob –add_group "groupname" /path_of_the_vob/abc_vob/directory1

Please could you check and send me the steps to change group permission for only 10 directories of abc vob. Thanks in advance.



The tool is IBM Rational's ClearCase - the "cleartool" command gives that away.

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What precisely are you trying to do?

The "cleartool protectvob" command (in this context) is used to either change the owning group for the VOB, or to grant/remove access from additional groups.

Once that's been done however, you potentially still need to change the permissions on (specific) elements, using the "cleartool protect" command.

By way of an example, let's say you've got a VOB and you want to restrict all access to a specific root-level folder (which will include everything below it). To do this ...

  • you'd create a new group which is used to grant access to the restricted folder.
  • Next you'd run "cleartool protectvob -add_group <new_group> <VOB>".
  • Then you'd change the permissions on the folder in question by running "cleartool protect -chgrp <new_group> -chmod 770 <element>"

Users would still need to be in the original group; that would give them access to the VOB as a whole (except the restricted area). Then, any users who are also put in the new group would gain access to the restricted area as well.


That should give you some ideas on whatever you're trying to do. If you need further help it'd be useful to know what precisely are you trying to do, and why?




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