Does CM Synergy (v:7.1) have a "web-based" container like SVN's Apache to show the list of users using the tool?

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nagarjun k asked on March 12, 2013 - 7:14am | Replies (1).

Hello CMC Team,


I have been working on SVN for more than 2 years, and one of the features i admired in this tool, is that it can be coupled with Standard web-container like Apache to extract logs on usage management. (better security).

Do you know if a setup like that can (or had existed) for CM Synergy (v:7.1), where i can procure the list of users on demand, irrespective of the source repositories hosted in the tool

Thank you for your response.


nagarjun k

1 Answer

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CM Synergy has always seemed to focus more on a thick client and CLI access. I took a quick look at the online reference and did not find much information on a web based interface.

Let's see if we can get some others to comment on this as well.

Bob Aiello
Technical Editor, CM Crossroads

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