Does anyone have an example of an Agile Configuration Management Plan?

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John Lumb asked on October 25, 2012 - 6:35pm | Replies (2).

This can be either adapted from a more "conventional" CM plan or written entirely from scratch. This question may be answered somewhere else in the Agile Forum and, if so, I would appreciate anyone sending me where such a plan may be found.

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Bob Aiello replied on February 21, 2013 - 10:15pm.

could you please explain what industry you are working in, how many developers are involved and what technology you are using.

Creating a Software Configuration Management Plan (SCMP) for Agile iterative development is essentially the same as any other SCMP with one noteable exception. In Agile, we typically have release iteration planning which is updated on a regular basis. In practice, we usually create a high level SCMP for the entire organization and then a more detailed and specific plan for a particular group or project. Planning for a mainframe application in a bank is somewhat different than writing an SCMP for a medical device (which may or may not have a hardware component). 

The Agile influence really impacts the SCMP in terms of supporting the milestone releases that will be shown to the customer.

Let's get some other folks to offer their views on this topic!

Bob Aiello
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I disagree with and Agile Plan being the same as a traditional CM Plan.  Agile methodology is different.  Instead of having Configuration Control Boards (CCB) and a papertrail of Change Requests (CRs), Agile focuses on daily standup (ie, SCRUM) and Sprints. Agile is lean.  The CM Plan for Agile doesn't need to be anywhere near the depth and lenght of a conventional plan.  Instead, it is short and succint.  The focus for Agile plan should be on managing the releases.

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