CM Synergy 7.2 using work_area with -setpath, it is creating an absolute work area and a link to the work area at the same time.

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On Unix, with solairs:
I have a baseline with subprojects that I am trying to get to disk. The documentaion says using 'copy to file system' will put the date of the file to the copy time. (It appears though to be related to the setting of wa_time or not.) We want the create/edit time of the file when we put it to disk, and with the documentation saying what it does, I am trying to use ccm work_area to set the paths of the parent and each subproject and then unmaintain it. The parent project is a grouping project with the subprojects set to not being relative to the parent because we use them in other grouping projects (like include_variant and src_variant).

Sitting in directory X, I run 'ccm work_area -maintain_wa -copy_based -not_modifiable -setpath "/home/X/y/z/" -no_recurse -project subprojectA~1

What happens is, the project dumps correctly as "/home/X/y/z/subprojectA/files" but it also does "/home/X/parent_project/subprojectA as symbolic link to /home/X/y/z/subprojectA"

It creates the parent_project directory with the inner symbolic subproject name where ever I am sitting when I do the setpath of the ccm work_area.

Why is it creating a parent_project directory and the symbolic links? The Int and Sys projects work fine. Does it have something to do with it being a baseline? (I have the 'use project version in path' turned off.)

Thanks (I have spend hours on this)

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