Can someone help with issues upgrading to Serena Dimensions v12.2?

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We have just upgraded to Dimensions v12.2 and we have found a couple of issues. Has anyone else experienced the same thing? I've created cases with Serena support already but have not received solutions yet.

1. In Windows Explorer we cannot copy files from another location into our work areas. We receive a message the files in the work area cannot be overwritten. This is a problem for developers who make code changes outside of the work area and then copy them into the work area before delivery.

2. In Windows Explorer the Check-out option for Dimensions requires a Request but does not supply a dialog to enter or search for the request. CM rules are turned on for Items and Requests and I do not want to turn them off.

Any insight would be appreciated. Sometimes I feel like we are the only ones using this version.

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We are getting ready to upgrade to the same version - do you have any other problems you would like to share?

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1) a problem with developers' workarea metadata most likely. Show hidden files and delete the hidden directory .metadata in their workarea.

2) you should check your administration panel where you define CM rules, the answer is there. In the meantime you can open the Desktop Client, set a default CR, browse to the file you want to check out and check it out. The default request you set will fill the requested field automatically.

I hope it helps.

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We haven't noticed any other issues with the upgrade. We currently do not use Streams so things didn't change very much for us.

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Thank you for your response!

I agree the problem with overwriting the work areas is related to metadata, but we should still be able to overwrite - we were in the previous versions. The metadata in the work area is not hidden and the problem exists if the files are read-only or not.

The Check-out problem has become an enhancement request, according to Serena support. We prefer to leave CM rules on for requests and items so check-out through windows explorer won't work for us without specifying a request, as you mentioned. They also suggested we use Update instead of Check-out.

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When you say copy files from another location into work areas; is this a Syncronize you are doing?

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No, just a straight copy in Windows Explorer from a folder without metadata to a folder with metadata.

According to Serena Support a change was made to Dimensions that affected the work areas in v12.2. It was done to prevent data loss. I am still waiting to hear if they will reverse that change.

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