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BenN asked on April 19, 2013 - 6:26am | Replies (1).

Hi all,

We are currently implementing agile, and have a fully realised development cycle in place.  I have now been tasked with implementing a deployment tech stack.  We are currently running a Subversion repository, feeding in to a Jenkins / Maven continuous integration platform, and an Artefactory Repository for compiled code.  We then have no path out of Artefactory (at the moment, the devs are packaging up complete WARs of the environment and copying manually to the target area).  I want to implement a continuous deployment solution, that can be used by developers for small fixes and by tech leads for large releases.

I have looked around but am struggling to find a tool to realise this that will integrate with our current tech (everything seems to want to replace Jenkins etc with their own agent based build / test / artifact solution).  Does anyone know of software that will allow me to automate the movement of compiled code from our dev platform to  our test environment, then on to prod, setting rules and checks along the way? 

Many thanks in advance,


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Hi Ben,


there are many excellent deployment frameworks  out there that will help you do this. The open source solutions are Puppet and Chef. Xebialabs, Nolio/Evolven, BMC Blade Logic, IBM Netcool are among the pack of commercial tools. There are lots more. 

How many developers? 
Can you provide a little more details on your technology platform? 
(Are you using Tomcat, jBoss or  another application server)

Have you already tried scripting this? I have been using Ruby for this scripting because the open source deployment frameworks are using Ruby and have been setting the pace in this area.

Bob Aiello
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