Why Software Quality Assurance Practices Become Evil!

Gregory Pope, Univ. of California / Lawrence Livermore National Laboritory

Are your organization's software quality assurance practices (SQA) working well? Would some developers even say they cause discomfort or are destructive? If so, maybe you are focusing too much on the processes and not enough on the underlying principles. Based on his 35 years of being involved in almost every aspect of the software development business from programmer to CEO, Greg Pope shares his eight principles for good software. You'll learn about a quantitative, risk-based approach to tailor these principles into appropriate practices. By employing a context-driven approach to select the right practices for each application and project, you'll go along way toward making customers and developers appreciate the value and benefits of SQA principles and practices.

  • Symptoms of "evil" SQA practices
  • Eight principles for good software development
  • A matrix of principles and practices to apply based on risk

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