Web Services Interface Design - Pitfalls and Proven Techniques

Dave Mount, J-Soup Software, Inc

Designing Web services is all about the interface. Although tools for Web services development have advanced to the point where exposing application functionality is simple, the ease of building Web services does not diminish the need for careful planning and a highly functional design. Dave Mount opens his presentation by spinning the cautionary tale of slapping together a Web services interface on a poorly structured application. This scenario serves as a reference point for a subsequent discussion of the pitfalls of a poorly designed interface. Dave illustrates techniques for correcting problems and improving the Web services interface. Looking at high profile Web services provided by Google, eBay, and Salesforce.com, he shows how an external perspective that emphasizes consistency and conceptual clarity is key to Web services interface design.

  • Web services designs that expose functionality while masking application messiness
  • XML data types that improve data organization and maximize interoperability
  • How to enforce security and avoid opening back doors to the underlying application

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